Saturday, 20 April 2013


What a day, I was up in the eastern hills gripping Rouzels and Cuckoos and thought I was doing well when Boom! a tweet from Malc had me twitching with excitement.
He'd been down to Neumann's and found - Little Gull (actually seen yesterday and put out on the Manc Bird forum but nowhere else...thanks for nothing!), a drake Garganey roosting on Scrapyard island, a Gropper reeling by the same hide and several Whitethroats plus a big influx of Reed Warblers.
Take that and party as the saying goes, what a haul of spring goodies.

Returning to the office via Neumann's of course (lunch hour) I managed to acquire the ones I needed.

the moulting first summer Little Gull over the flashes

Back at home after work I looked up to see 4 Buzzards circling the house, more like Vultures than Buteos I could only wish they were about to feast on the dead carcass of the farmer next door who's cut down the row of trees by our house the bastard.



As you may know I found the Wood Warbler at Marbury this April and its proving a very popular year tick for many Cheshire and further beyond year listers. Its been present for three days now but last night Friday 19th the skies were as clear as could be, so maybe its done one? no reports yet today Saturday.

here's a piccy by new patch birder Jeff Wood (how appropriate)...

surprisingly it looks like the deforestation that's taken place near the boat shed has actually created potential Wood Warbler habitat.
That's my forth on the patch but it still remains a rare passage bird. (unless it finds a mate and starts breeding that is)

Patch Year List now upto 117 that is top of the league form