Monday, 7 January 2013

Scores on the doors

Out and about as one does early in the new year and with the added incentive of a couple of new competitions to partake in I've been bashing the patch a bit more than is good for one so old.

Footit League Table

not sure how you get 100+ % so early in the month , so ignoring the top two and the hairy comedian plus people who live by the seaside I'm not doing that bad. Bit of a bugger though we've no chance of our usual Jack Snipe or Lesser Pecker so more goodies required please oh birding Buddah.

PatchWork Challenge 2013

No league table as yet!

Focalpoint Local Patch Year List Challenge

Mr Baker must be shitting himself in disbelief...roll on the weekend!!
I've just tempted fate haven't I?