Wednesday, 20 February 2013


En route to and fro, back and forth, here and there as one does.

Some of the things I've managed to catch up with of late but still 41 species behind the Nighthawk DJ how the feck does he do it??

Seaton Common gull fest minus any Glaucous Gulls, Caspians etc

Midlands (no permit required) Euro Whitefronts

Lancs Waxwings quick piccy cos a woman ran over the road to me, thought I was photographing her house for the local council! she didn't believe me so I legged it before the cops came.

The Beeley Moor Great Grey Shrike via a sat nav b-line short cut home, bloody freezing place.

That's 161 for the year, just holding the Doc at bay but after his sojourn with the rest of the 'B' team up to the Hebs for the Harley Duck looks like I'll be relagated to 2nd or maybe 3rd as Robbo's up there as well...bugger me!!