Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wednesday Whoopers

Out in Lancs today and its serious brass monkey weather. Found this lot chilling out in a stubble field miles away from that pay a mortgage to get in duck brothel east of Southport.
A grand total of 157 Whooper Swans, five of which had colour rings (I've sent the numbers off to find out where this mob are from). Great to see quiet a few juveniles mixed in with the adults.

Another good find was a couple of Brambling hiding in a huge flock of Chaffers feeding at a local farmers orchard.

Late on just as the Pinkies were moving back to their roost on the Alt Estuary all 8000+ (yes I counted them all) out came a duo of Barn Owls to hunt the mosses. I just missed this chap as he flew right over the car looking me in the eye as he flew over, marvellous stuff.