Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Being on the other side of the country when all the rest of the patchers are soaking up crippling views of a patch lifer for me is some what annoying to say the least.
A male Marsh Harrier had been spotted by one of the rangers over Ashton's. Now that's a real rarity one of the rangers actually out of their comfort zone and out of their office.
It did what no other harrier has done before and stayed all day and the next.
Late on the second day I roll up and try my luck. Not one other birder is on the patch. After finding all those buggers a patch lifer (Rock Pipit) you'd think someone would be out giving me a! (Jeff did arrive later god bless him)
To cut a long story short I didn't find one but TWO!! the male and a juvenile, what a classic grip back. sshhh..ting!!



Marsh Harrier over the Flashes patch lifer no.198