Saturday, 15 September 2012


This week I've been down in deepest Essex rummaging about some 'posh' farmland attempting to ID trees, find badgers and look for bat roosts all in the name of ecology. Whilst rummaging I found this big hairy grub munching away on a leaf. I've no idea what it is (apart from the caterpillar bit) anybody know what flavour it is?

On the same farm there was this beauty of a dragonfly a Migrant Hawker (should be called Common Hawker me thinks cos their everywhere). Having reduce the file size and re-jigged bits its all gone blurred...bummer!

Bird wise I just had to call in at Rainham (Fortknox) RSPB Reserve and whap on the sometimes obliging sometimes not Baillon's Crake that's been added to many a list over the past week. Not that I needed it of course the famous Sunderland one was first on the UK List for Pod way back in May 1989...Jesus!! I'm Old School. The year of the grip back continues.....