Friday, 21 September 2012


After the plethora of Yanky waders dumped on us by hurricane Leslie it was great that Cheshire got a piece of the cake. Unfortunately Cheshire's Yanky wader has proved to be some what of an ID nightmare...
 Semipalmated Sandpiper or Western Sandpiper the ornithological camps are split.
Having only seen the bird on the distant tide line I'm not going to speculate which camp I should be in but if I had to chose then its Semi-P for me.(year tick by any chance Pod?)
With the little fecker almost that far away it was just off the coast of the Isle of Man here's a photo of one I ticked at Sutton Bingham Res, Somerset way back in October 1982 (hitched all the way, slept in a bus shelter and then on to Scilly...those were the days)...

and yes I actually took the photo with my Pentax ME Super with a 500mm Sigma mirror lens on film!!

Still a great find (the Cheshire jobby) by Mr Allan Conlin hope the ID gets sorted soon.
Cheshire Life List tick no.269 which ever.