Sunday, 19 May 2013


Friday/Saturday night and having just endured Piggy the movie I wander off to bed, its 1.30am in the morning and as you do I start messing with my phone. I've got 5 missed calls, 9 texts and 12 email messages all waiting to be read, instead I check twitter cos that's what I do. KABOOM!...THWACK!...OH MY GOD!!!!.........female DUSKY THRUSH...Margate Cemetery 3rd day?
As casual as I can I set my alarm for daft o'clock and attempt to sleep, tomorrow's (or is that to days) news will sort out my day.
Daft o'clock and I'm woken by Mia our dog going ape shit at some dude banging on the front door....its Groucho,'' the birds not showing yet but surely we must be heading south just in case''.
I let the dog out, brush my teeth and dress all at the same time. This young upstart is right! the old 'A Team' have lost the plot...get moving NOW!!!!
Groucho, Malc, Gregsy and I pile into Malc's car and we're off down south with no news as yet on Dusky!
As we reach the M6 joy!! the boy is still there showing well to the birders who set off early...god bless them all.
5hours later and two stops for us oldies to have a dump and coffee we arrive at Margate Cemetery. The target is surrounded on all sides as it hides in a cemetery sycamore...cue nervous wait till I get a glimpse of the Margate mega.
The rest as they say is history as the Dusky Thrush performs to its growing throng of admirers, giving tantalizing views as it rummages around the various bits of cemetery shrubbery.

twitch on!

first contact...

You beauty!....get in!

Dusky wondering what all the fuss is about.

Cheshire's finest in action plus a few others.

And by the next day it had the decency to do one...tough titties to the Sunday league'rs.

that puts me on the following:- 

World yes its a World tick...2835

WesternPal.....690 (according to Birder's Diary)

UK+Ireland (old school).....522


one of the locals....


Who would of thought I'd end up with this bunch of reprobates at the start of the season...but wow have they done the business or what.

Lindegaard a last minute replacement for De Gea who's been awesome but SAF has decided to give him the day off hence my last transfer in. I'm currently leading The Bagnall League by 27pts but anything can happen in this game cos its a funny old game what?

Head to Head League and guess who's reached the final!!!!!
Hope I can do a Wigan...come on INTER TOTTI
bizarrely I could win the league and lose the cup final or vice versa!
or win or lose both...aaahhh!!!!