Friday, 14 June 2013


Off work for a week so it gives me a chance to give the patch a good bashing and hopefully catch up on the leaders of the Year List race.
A walk round today in between all the showers didn't produce the hoped for Cuckoo or Hobby or waders that usually drop in once its rained but here's some piccies of what was going down.

The Black-headed Gull colony on Haydn's Pool is certainly churning out the youngsters...12+ at the last count. With so much vegetation on all the islands and even in front of the hide its a bugger to see anything!!
Time to get the strimmer out my ranger

Reed Warbler does extremely well on the patch with 40+ pairs (best guesstimate)

One of the two pairs of LRPs on Neumann's Flash

Just practicing in case we get one of those specific swifts or a turner white-rump?

Bird of the day though the very obliging female Goosander that's been knocking around Witton Brook probably for a week now. Dig those flippers!!