Saturday, 9 March 2013

Down South

Work had me heading down to Kent for a three day mega survey just in time for the return of that big yellow thing up in the sky and a light southerly wind. Surely I'd pick up a few summer migrants en route.
Well as it happened no! but I did connect with some cracking year ticks non better than a self found Common Crane...

What a surprise and a great start to the 'Spring'

I also had literally crippling views of the long staying Penduline Tit at Stodders took all of two minutes to find the relevant bit of board-walk then whap on it went. My second one here after seeing a male way back in March 1984. and my 7th in the UK.

The Kent paparazzi

first contact

The 'twitch'

The reed mace muncher

Whilst down there I also added the flock of 5 Tundra Bean Geese, Black necked Grebe 
and a Water Pipit  to the year list.
A sea watch off Dunge produced Guillemot for the year plus Kittiwake and Gannet. On the ARC pits I could only find two of the 'flock' of Redhead Smew that had been present most of the winter.
Near Lydd a good size flock of Bewick Swans (43) were performing well for the local listers.