Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Great Northern Diver

No not that fellow who plays for Everton's neighbours with the offside teeth but the beauty that's gracing Budworth Mere at the mo. One stonking juvenile Great Northern Diver found yesterday and currently delighting the hordes of Cheshire Year Listers and others as it sails around the mere fishing.

I nipped out early to check if said diver was still showing and walk the pooch. It was and so was a Dunlin on Kid Brook spit a nice avian bonus for the various lists I've started this year.
Such as the PatchWork Challenge and Footit check them out and get involved make you're birding fun.

Returning later on foot, yes that's what the Footit's all about I reticked the Diver and Dunlin plus a flyby Kingfisher (well spotted Robbo) was a nice touch to boot. Mr Baker has started like a man possessed again (currently two species ahead on The Patch Year List) and looks like he'll be a tough challenge to overcome but hey that's all part of the fun what?

Scores on the doors:-

Marbury Patch 2013 Year List  -  82

UK 2013 Year List  -  118

PatchWork Challenge  -  82 (86 points)

Footit  -  83 (101.22%)

Diver down!