Sunday, 30 September 2012


A rare working sojourn over to the 'birdy' heaven of Norfolk last week had me picking through the remains of the past few days East coast migrant fest. All things that are alien to a North West birder and have us travelling over that great bird highway the M62 over to the 'far' east to places such as Spurn, Flannelboro and East Anglia. With a few hours to spare I headed to the coast just in time to miss yet another seabird bonanza this time off Salthouse...Sabine's Gull, Pom Skua and Black throated Diver all past at high tide (worth noting as some of Norfolk's finest were on show)...

still unperturbed I decided to go and look for my own birds (The Punks would be proud of me) and I headed to the not so migrant hot spot of Friar's Hill, Blakeney. A place that always looks awesome but then again you never hear much about it.
A female Redstart got the birding off to a great start but I realised after 30 mins of searching that that would be the highlight. A brown streaky jobby in a scrubby thicket had me thinking off PG Tips or my bogey bird Lance...

but na it was only one of the local Hedge Accentors white tips to the tail note.

One last chance before the sun did one and I nipped along the coast to the site of Norfolk's last mega...the Rufous-tailed Robin at Warham Greens. Unfortunately it had gone but I did see another Eastern vagrant in the shape of a very quiet and skulking Yellow-browed Warbler.

aren't they just great and to make life even harder the little bugger never called once.

Not a bird I know but one couldn't resist and what a cracker...Small Copper in September!