Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Patch has been a buzzing these past few days. Now that goddam easterly airflow has abated and the southerlies have arrived, its been a year tick fest. So much so that I've now reached the dizzy heights of 111.
So in the tradition of one of England's great test umpires namely David Shepherd we'll all do a quick hop as was his quirk when a score reached 111 otherwise known as a Nelson.
Anyway enough of that bollocks here's what's been happening since my last post.


A late night party of garden flyover Whoopers and an awesome juvenile Glaucous Gull were rather nice finds. The big G my first for 20 odd years since the old tip at Ashton's ceased working.
The rest your usual summer migrants and a grip back Med (another bird found on call) more of the same please.

Med Gull and BH gull

One of the three Arctics found by Malc with a Sand Martin below (looks like a Common Sand what?)

The pair of LRPs have been prospecting every bit of muddy water around the patch but this takes the biscuit...

Gonna get a bit crowded me thinks? I've actually seen the Redshanks on here as well.

First few butterflies have started appearing as well with Peacock in the garden and on the patch plus a Small Tortoiseshell on Neumann's last night.
Keep'em commin' that's what I say.