Sunday, 9 September 2012


After many a dip (2012 Year List wise) I finally caught up with this most 'common' of Yanky waders on the bit of mud formerly known as IMF cos that's where I videoed it. Badly yes! but a records a record as Cliff Richard used to say. Pectoral Sandpiper nice!
Surely after all the years practice you'd think I'd have this craft mastered, well no! no way I'm sometimes like a blindman in SpecSavers...not a hope in hell! still here's some for record purposes only video just incase those List Police are on to me...

This little beauty brings up the 250 a milestone in any-ones book, true its still a long way off 300 and miles away from 350 but not far behind the leading pack (minus Dan the Man of course) and slightly ahead of those 'Flashers' down near Middlewich....roll on Scilly!!



Hi there, having reached my upload quota for photos something to do with megabites or similar I've took the drastic step to start another blog ingeniously titled Pod's World 2 like most films these days. I'd do it in 3D if I knew how? Anyway to get things off to a flyer here's probably one of the last dragonfly photos of this year (I can hear the anguished groans from you birders...god not more feckin insects)...

I think this is a male Migrant Darter (on the Ouse Washes) the Fog Horn might put me right no doubt?