Sunday, 30 December 2012

Good riddance 2012

As we approach the new year its time to assess the one just gone and what a bag of shite it was.
Not one new bird for my British List, that's the first time ever since I started listing a year has come up negative, zilch!, bugger'all, nothing not even a squeak.
I didn't even have the misfortune to dip anything (you can only dip out if you actually move for it) a phone call on a certain Tuesday in October just might of saved the year but no. I hope 2013 gets me back on track.
As for footy well if it hadn't of been for 'Fergy time' the noisy neighbours would still have a dust filled cabinet.
Looking good for 2012/13 though but we said that last Christmas and look what happened.
One saving grace is the company I work for has gone from strength to strength and the future looks good, all we need is to get bluenose Osborne and the grouse shooters out of No.10.
The patch year list trophy will once again be going to the posh side of Northwich and not Comberbach. A poor year numbers wise and I never thought global warming would affect my patching and its still so wet we'll be lucky to get one passage wader this coming year.

The scores on the doors....

Marbury/Neumann's Patch Year List - 129 two new patch ticks - Red crested Pochard and Tundra Bean Goose. Best find a Spring Osprey over the mere.

UK Year List - 269 done with no twitching involved ie going for a lifer or two. Seriously embarrassing misses include Nightingale!!! Sooty Shearwater and Leach's Petrel.

UK Self Found Year List - 192 which included bird of the year cos I found it...Bee-eater in Cumbria.

a quality 'record shot' me thinks!

and so as we near 2013 its all the best to you if you're reading this and if you're not then why not?
bring on the Footit and PatchWork challenges and may the best man win.