Saturday, 24 August 2013


After all the fuss has died down from last Sundays infamous seawatch off Pendeen, Cornwall it still wrangles me that how in gods name did we miss such a cosmic mind fecker of a seabird as Red-billed Tropicbird....oh yes I was there!!!!!
The incredulous look on everyone's faces as the 'finder' nonchalantly wandered up the path from the rocks below and proclaimed he'd just photographed a RBT...25 BLOODY MINUTES AGO??? and then basically ran off. Bizarre or what?

Just before that fateful moment 08.45, I'd just taken a few record shots of the seawatching crew in action....

25 souls searching in vain for a mega seabird unaware its about to flyby under their noses

The view out towards the rocks off Pendeen where we were watching a feeding flock of Storm Petrels

Post RBT flyby and the hopefuls debunk to Sennan Cove just in case the biggy flew into the bay...alas no!

We tried round at Cape Cornwall but to no avail the mega gone to where ever who knows?

One last try before the agonizing drive home beckons...

All we can do is hope there's another, as Big Al would say...



A welcome visitor to Frodders t'other day was this rather obliging adult Cattle Egret initially found by Groucho I think whilst searching for yet another dodgy duck (Marbled Teal) down on no.6 tank.

Also on show at bird fest no.6 tank...2 Black.necked Grebes and a rather nice Ruddy Shelduck (unringed and fully winged) good for a year tick what! Frodders looking good for some wader action as well, so watch this space or your pager actually.