Thursday, 10 October 2013


Autumn and there seems to have been an explosion of Glossy Ibis in the North West of England, is there some secret colony some ones not telling us about?
Over in Greater Mancunia at a wee place called Doffcocker (I kid you not) a flock of 4 juveniles have been delighting the locals ...



Twice in a week this is seriously big league stuff. The attraction this time another attempt at
 Eastern Kingbird (after the failed one last September) one of which has turned up on another of Ireland's famous islands namely Inishbofin.
I get myself on a 'charter', not a plane though, a boat. There's some seriously big hitters on this charter and spirits are high as we get news the Eastern Kingbird has been seen...we're 30 minutes away.

A misty dawn breaks over Cleggan Quay, Co.Galway

The 'big hitters' gather...

Our boat arrives and it's off to Inishbofin we sail...

After searching all over the island the 30 or so birders are knackered and by lunch time the pace is beginning to tell as our hopes are dashed..the Eastern Kingbird has done another over night yet again.
The earlier report was bollocks!! or is that erroneous?

So it's time to drown one's sorrows and hit the local hostelry for what Ireland does best...
a pint of the black stuff

All is not lost though as I contemplate another Guinness there's activity up the road...a Yanks been spotted!!

Someone's had a sighting of a Blackpoll Warbler a decent padder for the trip

Birders spread out in a bunch and scan the gardens just in case it's not something a little more tasty

Boom one Blackpoll Warbler pops up and shows really well to the gathered entourage of Irish/British/Euro birders seems to be a tick for most of the Irish guys...time for more Guinness me thinks!

twitch on!

Below a great account by one of Ireland's finest on the bird we really had come to see!/photo.php?fbid=393031814157939&set=a.167573230037133.33602.165798840214572&type=1&theater

That's my 7th Blackpoll in Britain and Ireland but who's counting.

Britain, Ireland and IOM  -  520