Monday, 16 September 2013


Saturday the 7th as per last blog post I took some photos of a rather tasty gull that landed on Neumann's Flash with a huge flock of LBB Gulls (60+)...I mistakenly thought it was a Yellow-legged Gull and posted a piccy of it.
Cue Mr Kinsella who thought otherwise...its a CASPIAN GULL!!!! is it not.
I showed Mr Pointen (one of my work colleagues) who thought similar. He passed the photos on to several well known bird news monkeys...they thought the same.
Now with such backing and thumbs up I do believe I can claim the bird as the patch's first ever record of Caspian Gull, an adult by the way and long overdue. Actually rarer than Stilt Sandpiper on Neumann's unbelieveable.
here's some of the photos I took..





Not a classic I'll grant you that but it ticks all the boxes.
The one thing you don't see is the long pale yellow legs as it never set foot on dry land unfortunately.
The p10 primary with the big white tip is visible though and YLGs at this time of the year should be moulting these so I've been informed, Caspos do not.