Thursday, 8 August 2013


Work had me bombing down the M1 t'other day so I couldn't resist a quick peak at the
 1st summer Night Heron that's been on show at Thornton Reservoir in Leicestershire.
Arriving very early on site I had the place to myself, well no other birders were present just the usual morning keep fit? enthusiasts carrying water bottles around the reservoir...weird people!
Found the boy doing what Night Herons do best...skulking in the reeds fishing (hiding from the lycra brigade more like)...

Moving to the other side of the reservoir to get a better view and the sun behind me I got the following shots, all phone-scoped...

Not bad at all methinks...what a cracking bird and all before breakfast.
A boost to the seriously 'come of the rails' year list. Looks like the Doc has it in the bag (not that he's year listing of course).