Thursday, 7 February 2013


Just to get the ball rolling cos I'm well busy at the mo...

that first glimpse is always a knee trembler...get innnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

Groucho is all smiles the mega Scandinavian hot totti is whapped in style, what a bird.


Best I could do, a bit scared it might just take my arm was huge!!
The first tick I've had since that other Shetland beauty the Sibe Ruby, what a place just a shame it's a proverbial pain in the rectum to get to and from.

Missing out on a plane ride (£600+) I joined the 'B team' of Big Al, Groucho and Shetland virgin Robbo for the twitch. It was a drive to Aberdeen, over night ferry to Lerwick then two full days on Shetland cos we got stranded when the ferry didn't sail due to the force 10 winds. One nights hire of a self catering house (one free evening meal care of the last occupants, cheers) two days car hire and fuel. Then back on the ferry, pay the jock car park fee and home. Guess how much excluding food and beer (lots)...£153 that's value, sorted as we say in Manchester (and Cheshire).

Some videos to give one a flavour of how well it showed...

Having an unexpected extra day on mainland Shetland gave us the chance to show Robbo some famous birding places and see a few goodies to the 1st winter Ring-billed Gull at Scalloway

Nearby on the fishing quay my first ever (honest!!) Kumlien's Gull was a real bonus bird and one for the educational list me thinks? We even managed to find a February!!

Down at the south end of the island where most of the real Shetland birder's live there was a great showing of winter stuff such as 80+ Purple Sandpipers, 25+ Long-tailed Ducks scores of Great Northern Divers and a fly by Iceland Gull off that big rock soon to be a hotel Sumburgh Head.

I wonder if they'll plant some shrubs and flower beds etc? just might make the place a no go area unless you're a 'paying' guest oh dear! 
More birds...

Great to see Fulmars doing so well. There were literally hundreds off the headland and in the various quarries.

Scatness Long-tails not I hasten to add flushed by me, my lens isn't that big I have to be sat on top of whatever I'm image gathering.
What a great twitch and cheers to the team for making it so bearable (sorry I meant enjoyable).

Cheshire's finest (who needs a chequebook?)

British Life List - 521 (old school)