Saturday, 29 June 2013


No not that sort but an actual tail that I found whilst out searching for Brown Argus in Derbyshire.
Its's the tail piece of a Slow Worm.

I've been told about this shedding of the tail to escape predators but never realized the shed bit still wriggled.

Here's one I saw earlier complete, sunning itself on the road.

Dipped on the Argus but there's plenty of time for that one if we ever get any more sunshine.



The so called 'A'team were once again playing catch up with with the 'B'team. Gregsy and I set off for the long awaited grip back of  Pacific Swift  on the Sunday, 24 hours after the boy had been showing its tits off to the masses all day Saturday. Of all the months in the year to decide to have an op on her back the misses has one in mad June!
Having not joined the dipping crew of 93 cos quote ''its a swift and it won't stay'' the lads missed by 20 minutes having stopped 5 times to phone (remember those days)  Nancy's/Birdline for updates...if only they'd just driven!
Well here we are 20 years later and having tantalized birders at Spurn and Saltfleetby the Pacificous decided to give its self up to the hordes and show all day at Trimley Bird Reserve on Saturday 15th June. If only it had chosen one with a shorter entrance road we hear you all say. What a patch find, I wonder if the guy is doing the Patchwork Challenge cos the best find trophy would certainly be in the bag.
Cue to Sunday and the two aging crocks finally make contact with this long awaited! what a bird.
Camera in hand I didn't get one piccy so here's some Cranes nearby...

My view of the swift over the Trimley Reserve hence no jaw dropping mouth watering flight shots.

That moves the list up another one and grips back Fred who's been on my coat tails for ages.

British List (UK and IRE old school) - 519